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How much salt should we consume per day?

Adding salt to food or meals is an action that many carry out repeatedly to achieve that the final dish has much more flavor. However, this simple gesture added to the amount...

What vitamins does mango have?

  Fresh fruits are a source of vitamins that your body needs every day. For example, mango, in addition to the delicious flavor it produces when you put it in your mouth, has...

Why does my mouth itch when I eat grapes?

The grape is a fruit that is extracted from a deciduous tree called a vine, which is currently cultivated in different regions of the Mediterranean. The grape, in addition to being a...

Benefits of eating watermelon

The watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruits that exist because its composition is basically water so that makes it an ideal choice especially for the summer months, which helps us to...

Benefits of orange juice

The orange juice is one of the most popular and easy to consume juices, and oranges are fruits that are usually found in abundance and throughout the year, so there is no excuse for taking...

Foods rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our body, loaded with antioxidants that help us prevent the formation of free radicals and prevent premature aging. It is essential for the healing of the skin and the...

Properties of strawberries for health

This fruit scientifically called Fragaria vesca, F.viridis or F. moschata, has a triangular shape that is accompanied by its red color that forms small dots. Without a doubt it is very popular due to its intense...

Pitaya: what is it for?

The fruit of pitaya, pitahaya or dragon fruit is one of the few that can vary in colors and flavors without the need for grafts or genetic modifications. This is due to the variety...

Benefits of eating apple

The apple is the delicious fruit that has a thousand and one properties. If you want to know all the advantages of eating this exquisite fruit of the earth, I invite you to continue reading. We...

What is the best time to eat salads?

The salads are a rich, nutritious and easy dish to prepare both for summer and winter. There are many ways to prepare them so they are ideal for all tastes, being perfect in weight loss diets,...

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