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Properties of kava kava herb

The Piper methysticum is a plant native to the South Pacific, Polynesia area, which comes from the same family as pepper but which only underground stems and roots are used in traditional medicine. It...

Properties of black tea

The black tea seems to have been somewhat neglected in the society because of the emergence in the international market of green tea and red tea however, remains the most classic. Black tea and green...

Matcha green tea benefits

Among the varieties of green tea, there is the so-called matcha tea, which stands out for being presented and purchased in powder form. We already know the magnificent benefits of green tea, but this...

Cinnamon tea benefits

Cinnamon is much more than one of the basic spices of world gastronomy or an ingredient widely used in baking. Aphrodisiac properties have been attributed to its aroma, while its health effects are...

Lemon tea benefits

The lemon tea has many benefits for the body, since both ingredients, tea and lemon, have beneficial health properties. From here, we can enjoy not only a stimulating drink, but a drink that will...

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