Onion is one of the vegetables with the most virtues and therapeutic capabilities. The phrase “with you bread and onion”, the saying goes, referring to the humility of this healthy food. But onion is much more than a poor dish. Years ago, he had as many adherents as antibiotics would now. Its therapeutic virtues were not less deserved.

  1. The onion is very useful to eliminate localized fat, if you are concerned about the “double chin” or the double chin, do like our grandmothers and use the roasted onion plasters. You just have to cut a very thin slice of onion, roast them lightly in the oven and place them on the neck for about 10 minutes. Then, wash the area with very cold water and especially if you have delicate skin, apply a moisturizer. If you are consistent, the double chin will disappear.
  2. Onion is very beneficial for hair. Cut an onion into quarters and pour it together with three tablespoons of dried nettle, in half a liter of hot water. Let it rest for half an hour and filter. Use the cold liquid to rinse your hair after washing it. Don’t worry about the smell, the nettle neutralizes the penetrating “perfume” of the onion?
  3. If you want to forget about tobacco, the grandmothers recommend the “onion cure”, which consists of eating raw onions and garlic daily in a salad. You also have to eliminate fried and seasoned dishes. If this cure is followed on the third or fourth day you will begin to forget about tobacco until you reject it completely.
  4. The lackluster gold jewels will regain all their splendor by cleaning them with onion juice. Clean an onion and apply the resulting liquid on the jewels. Let it work for several hours and then polish them with a soft cloth.
  5. If you have a cold, place a container with several slices of fresh onion on your nightstand with a few spice cloves poked into them. Its pungent smell will allow you to breathe without difficulty, avoiding annoying cough and excess mucus at night.


  • These home remedies made with onions do not prevent you from visiting your doctor when you have any strange symptoms.
  • The healing abilities of onion are not scientifically proven.



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