Spring is one of the most revered seasons of the year, poets, writers, romantics and nature lovers do not tire of praising its beauties. But for allergy sufferers this fairy tale is not so happy, irritation in the mucous membranes, congestion and constant sneezing are part of the general picture during those months, that’s why we offer you solutions to this annoying problem, discover some home remedies for spring allergies.

  1. The antihistamines are commonly prescribed remedies to counteract allergies, however some herbs also offer this possibility, as is the case of El Laurel. Prepare an infusion and drink two or three cups daily, it will help you reduce the inflammation and discomfort caused by spring allergies.
  2. Nettle is another of the plants of great help to cope with spring allergies, you can also prepare an infusion consuming a couple or three cups a day, and you will see how the annoying symptoms improve markedly
  3. Prepare an infusion with chamomile leaves, but instead of taking it, breathe its vapors for at least 5 minutes, this will help reduce congestion. Breathing in the smell of onion is also a highly effective solution for reducing congestion and inflammation caused by spring allergies.
  4. During spring it is also important to keep your defenses high, that is why you increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, drink green or white tea as well as eucalyptus infusions.
    • Remember to keep house windows closed to prevent pollen and particles from entering your home
    • Use air conditioning with anti-pollen filters and keep your home clean to reduce discomfort


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