Although for years many people rejected them for their fat content, the fats of walnuts are healthy so you should have no problem enjoying them. Like all nuts, walnuts have a significant content of protein, fiber, natural sterols, antioxidants, vitamins or minerals, so in this article we show you all the benefits of eating walnuts that you should know. Pay attention and enjoy this dried fruit whenever you want.

  1. The content of polyphenols and other antioxidants in walnuts allow us to improve our neural abilities. Adding walnuts to a healthy diet also improves the performance of tasks that require motor skills or the behavior of the elderly, since these polyphenols improve the connections between neurons.
  2. Several studies have shown that consuming 30 grams of nuts per day, 15 of them at least walnuts, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30% thanks to omega-3. But that is not all, because they do not raise cholesterol and the chances of suffering a stroke or a stroke are reduced by almost half, thanks also to those omega-3 fatty acids, their nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Finally, serotonin reduces hypertension and improves heart health.
  3. Regular consumption of walnuts can help us prevent prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. There have also been experiments in mice where the consumption of walnuts helped to reduce the rate of tumor development. For now, these anti-cancer benefits have been demonstrated in mice, and the researchers justify them in omega-3 vegetable fats, antioxidants or phytosterols in walnuts. Separately, all three have been shown to have anti-cancer properties.
  4. They also help prevent type 2 diabetes, especially in women between the ages of 34 and 59. The reason is the mono and polyunsaturated fats in walnuts, which are good for insulin sensitivity.
  5. We have seen that walnuts help us fight heart problems, have anti-cancer properties, etc., but also strengthen the immune system. Vitamin B or the minerals they contain, such as zinc, will help you stay healthy and strong every day.
  6. Another interesting benefit of walnuts is the high serotonin content, which has a double effect. On the one hand, it serves to reduce belly because it reduces the concentration of substances related to inflammation, fights abdominal obesity and reduces the feeling of hunger; and on the other, it helps us to be in a better mood. It is clear that walnuts are a good food when dieting.
  7. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants, including melatonin, the antioxidant that helps us fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Rest well is very important for day to day and restful sleep is key for the body to regenerate and repair itself.
  8. We ended with a benefit aimed especially at athletes, although everyone can benefit from the energy value of walnuts. Athletes will have a great supplement to cover their daily needs for energy and micronutrients, they will relax their muscles better thanks to magnesium and they will benefit from the potassium, antioxidants and minerals that help to form proteins, key to recovering from effort.



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