Surely you have heard hundreds of times that sugar is harmful to your health , however it is much easier to ignore these warnings than to stop consuming it, we are finally talking about an ingredient present in a wide variety of foods and one of the most consumed worldwide . Even those products that you think are sugar-free may contain it, hence the importance of always reading food labels and being clear about the other names that this ingredient may receive.

Sugar is not only the enemy of those who want to lose weight, but it can also significantly affect our health causing a wide variety of diseases, so it is inevitable to wonder what happens when we stop eating sugar and how this benefits our body. In this article we explain it in detail.

Your body’s initial reaction to giving up sugar

Leaving sugar is more difficult than it seems, since you can even experience withdrawal syndrome depending on how habitual the consumption of this substance is in your day to day.

Due to this body reaction, during the first week that you left the sugar, you may feel less energetic, apathetic, irritable, and difficult to concentrate. In addition to that, you may experience a huge desire to eat sweets just as it happens when we give up other habits like cigarette or alcohol.

After 15 days you will feel much calmer, with energy and the ability to focus, being able to start enjoying the benefits of giving up sugar. The quality of your sleep will increase and you will begin to lose a little weight, after a month without sugar your energy levels will be normal, you will not have as much desire to eat sweets and you will probably have lost a few kilos, so the positive side of this measure will already begin to be noticed.

It is important to identify the foods rich in this ingredient to remove them from the diet, and that is that in addition to habitual suspects such as desserts, there are other products that you may not consider.

Although the process of leaving this ingredient may not be the easiest, here are some benefits that this decision entails.

Your energy levels increase

Many times, when we feel the need to increase our energy levels, we choose to consume products rich in sugar, however the effect is the opposite. Sugar instead of offering us energy that we can consume throughout the day gives us only a momentary high that will then go down again, preventing us from managing to use energy optimally.

For this reason what happens when we stop eating sugar is we will obtain the energy from foods that offer us a prolonged contribution, as is the case of complex carbohydrates, so that we will be active throughout the day without suffering from spikes and drops and without exhaustion. Some good complex carbohydrate options are rice, oatmeal, pasta, or legumes.

You lose weight

It is no secret to anyone that sugar is a great enemy in weight loss, also promoting the accumulation of fat and increasing the possibility of suffering from various health conditions. That is why it is clear that if you eliminate all the products rich in sugar from your diet such as sweets, pastries, cookies, snacks, soft drinks, packaged juices, energy drinks or alcohol, you will achieve a notable weight loss.

The appearance of your skin improves

This ingredient also affects our skin, accelerating the skin aging process and preventing the adequate production of collagen and elastin, substances responsible for maintaining the flexibility of our skin. So what happens when we stop eating sugar is that the appearance of our dermis improves looking more elastic, luminous and rejuvenated.

It is undoubtedly one of the best keys to maintaining beautiful skin for longer.

Decrease the chances of suffering from different diseases

Excessive sugar consumption is related to the appearance of important diseases such as diabetes, obesity, or the hardening and stiffness of the arteries that can lead to a heart attack, among others. Stopping eating sugar can help us greatly prevent these pathologies and thus take care of our general health.

You sleep better

Having high blood sugar levels can cause us, among other things, problems to fall asleep because this type of food causes a momentary increase in energy. By eliminating this ingredient from our diet we will get much better rest, especially if we previously had the habit of consuming sweets or fruits at night.

You will have better digestion

Sugar is not a friend of those with gastrointestinal conditions such as irritable colon, colitis, gas, or Crohn’s disease. This is because this ingredient hinders the digestion of food and slows down the functioning of our intestine, by removing it from our menu we will achieve much more effective digestion and proper intestinal function. All this will be reflected in a less bloated abdomen and a much livelier mood.

Your teeth will be healthier

The relationship of sweets with cavities is well known, sugar creates the perfect setting for bacteria that live in the mouth and teeth to proliferate, leading to infections and oral discomfort. Less sugar equals less tooth decay and better dental health.


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