Have you ever thought about how healthy or not what you eat can become? In this article we will take a quick look at those processed foods that are most harmful to our health, obviously, as long as they are abused. Generally processed foods are very rich and tempting, especially for people who have a lifestyle, as they have the advantage of saving us time. Some are even addictive (this is on purpose), but the reality is that they are harmful to our body in the long term. Let’s see, what are 10 processed foods that you should not buy in order to have a healthier lifestyle, or at least, eat very occasionally.

Chicken bites

They are very tasty sandwiches, simple to cook and that satisfy hunger very easily. In any case, you should not go for them, since they are made with the neck of the chicken, the least nutritious part of it, with a lot of fat, salt and preservatives. They are not healthy at all.

Potato chips

They contain a very high amount of calories, so eating them regularly can cause health problems such as diabetes and being overweight. Yes, they are very rich and will not hurt us if we eat them very occasionally (as in a snack). Their nutrition is also very low, as they have little effect on blood sugar level.

If you really want to eat French fries, the best ones are the frozen packets made in the oven.

Sodas (known as sodas in some places)

They’re sweet and tasty, but they’re also an empty calorie and sugar bomb with nothing nutritious. They also contain substances that can lead to long-term health problems like high-fructose corn syrup, which is worse than sugar. Regular consumption of soft drinks has been shown to cause blood glucose spikes and even damage liver cells.

Sodas (sodas) contribute to obesity and encourages bacterial diseases and cancer, providing an acidic medium in the body.

Sausages and other types of processed meats

The vast majority of meats and sausages prepared on the market contain plenty of artificial flavors, salt and other preservatives, many of them harmful. Mechanically separated meat is normally processed under extreme pressure and heat, losing its nutritional value.

Also, obviously, they are made with waste. There is a saying that “whoever saw how sausages are made, does not eat them again.”

Sugary cereals

It has become fashionable for children to eat cereals that come in bright boxes with very cute drawings. The cereals are very good but a lot of sugar has been added to these, which we know contributes to diabetes.

While the high fiber diet has been shown to prevent diabetes, these cereals are very low in dietary fiber. Instead of looking for the sugary ones, look for the cereals that provide approximately 5 grams of fiber, after the boys add sugar to the milk, they will use much, but much less.


It is an alternative butter that is used by many people. The main downside to this is that it is basically a trans-fat bar, which are linked to many health related problems, especially obesity and increased heart risk. It also contains free radicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, and hexane. All of these components are harmful to health.

Granola bars

They are sold as an extremely healthy food, but don’t be fooled. The truth is that these bars have very high amounts of high-fructose corn syrup to make them sweet.

Some have small pieces of fruit or even honey, but the truth is that most of the sweetness comes from high-fructose corn syrup. Sometimes manufacturers also add a good amount of sodium and fats that make them even less healthy.

Sweet package cookies

All of these foods have been grouped together because their health effects are similar. Beyond the high levels of salts and sugars they also contain Tran’s fats. Trans fats use because they are cheaper than healthy fats. In addition, it prolongs the expiration date and improves its exterior texture. But they have a con: they are much more harmful fats with our health. So try to avoid eating this type of sweet cookie, although from time to time it will not harm you. Do not abuse.

The same goes for chocolates, bars, and other sweets that have “dough.” Also with alfajores, wafers, etc. They all have trans-fat and are bad at abuse.

Fish bites

Like chicken bites. They are made with leftovers from fish and have added fat, oil and salt to make them tasty. Try to cook yourself a good filet of hake or cheap sea fish instead of these snacks, you will see that it is not so much the difference in money and it is something much, but much healthier.

Microwave popcorn

This food is very popular with moviegoers, but it is still one of the least healthy foods you can eat.

The genetically modified corn used in its elaboration is very healthy, not so what is added, which are chemical products, preservatives and processed salt. In addition, it contains diacetyl, which is a chemical that damages the lungs in high amounts. If you like popcorn, better buy popcorn and do it the classic way, that is, in a pan with butter. They are richer and healthier, have no doubts.



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