The orange juice is one of the most popular and easy to consume juices, and oranges are fruits that are usually found in abundance and throughout the year, so there is no excuse for taking it frequently. Of course, if you want to take advantage of all the properties of this citrus then you should take the natural juice of squeezed oranges and never the bottled and processed juice, since it is an artificial mixture and full of sugars that is not favorable for your well-being. If you want to know how this fruit helps your health, here we explain in detail the benefits of orange juice.

  1. The orange juice provides an important contribution of vitamin C, an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of our body that also helps us to maintain our high defenses, thus protecting us from attack viruses and bacteria. A glass of orange juice a day will help keep your body healthy, thus preventing conditions such as the flu, cold and fatigue.
  2. Among the benefits of orange juice we cannot leave aside its antioxidant power, and it is that due to its vitamin C content and the presence of substances such as flavonoids this fruit helps to delay the aging of cells and the production of radicals free, which not only guarantees younger and healthier skin but also contributes to the prevention of diseases such as cancer.
  3. Orange is a fruit that helps us facilitate the elimination of fats from our body due to its content of B vitamins, serving as an excellent ingredient to eliminate excess lipids and also sugar from the blood through urine. This drink helps stimulate the production of bile and offers our bodies a good supply of fiber, facilitating proper intestinal transit which helps us reduce abdominal inflammation, this added to its few calories make this food have been awarded slimming properties.
  4. Another of the benefits of orange juice is its ability to improve our digestion, as its citric acids help us to digest food better and reduce abdominal inflammation caused by slow and heavy digestions. By improving our intestinal transit, orange also contributes to the elimination of intestinal waste, which results in a flatter and healthier stomach.
  5. Some benefits of consuming a glass of natural orange juice on an empty stomach are:
  • Activation of the renal system helping us to eliminate toxins accumulated through urine more easily. This habit could help prevent kidney stone formation.
  • Due to its vitamin C and citrus content, orange juice helps cleanse the liver by reducing excess cholesterol and sugar in our bodies.
  • It is a refreshing drink that helps us wake up and clear fatigue, a similar effect that is also found when we drink lemon water on an empty stomach.
  • Activation of intestinal transit, which helps us to have better stools.

6. It is recommended to eat natural orange juice on an empty stomach with the least amount of water possible and, preferably, without any added sugar. You can also consume this drink before or after meals to improve digestion. It is important that you ingest the freshly squeezed orange juice because once it is extracted, the oxidation process of the fruit begins, so the faster you ingest it, the more beneficial it will be.

7. Although there are several benefits of orange juice , it is important to be clear that its intake should not be abused, with one or two glasses a day or eventually taken several times a week, it is enough to enjoy its contributions. You should also take into account that the citrus of this fruit causes discomfort in some people, causing heartburn and discomfort, especially in patients with gastritis or citrus intolerance, so if this is your case, it is recommended to limit the consumption of this drink.



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