Tangerine is one of the most popular and appreciated citrus fruits. It is juicy, delicious and very easy to eat and transport anywhere, making it an ideal snack for children, a perfect dessert to take to the office and a fruit that gives a great touch to any fruit salad. But like any other, to enjoy all its flavor it is important to know how to choose them, that’s why we give you some tips so you can discover how to easily choose mandarins.

  1. As it is a winter fruit, from September to March it is the perfect time for mandarins, so if you want to get them juicy, sweet and at good prices, it is best to acquire them during those months of the year.
  2. If there is a possibility, always try to buy tangerines with their leaves, in this way it is easier to know if they are fresh, since while the leaves look very green, the greater the possibility of having a fruit in good condition.
  3. The appearance on the outside counts. It prefers those tangerines with a peel in good condition, without cuts or stains. The more vibrant the orange on your skin the better.
  4. Its skin should look soft and soft, this is an indication that the tangerine is well ripe. It also prefers the largest if you are one of those who like sweet and juicy tangerines, if instead you like a little bit more bitter and dry then the small ones are the ones.
  5. Also weight is important. Regardless of the size of the fruit, if the tangerine is heavy, it means that it contains a lot of juice, making it a good choice.
  6. Our last recommendation may not be liked by the vendor of the greengrocer or the market, but also takes into account the smell of the fruit. If it is sweet and intense, it means that the tangerines are ripe and perfect to consume.


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