When we have diarrhea, whether it is because we have had a bad food or because we are suffering from a stomach infection or any other condition, one of the first things we question is the way we should eat. Since diarrhea causes dehydration, drinking fluids is essential for our recovery, but is it feasible to drink milk with diarrhea? Here we answer this question.

Steps to follow:

  1. When we have diarrhea it is NOT recommended to drink milk, since it prolongs digestion due to its lactose content, a sugar present in this food that is difficult for our stomach to digest. For a person with diarrhea, milk becomes a very heavy food.
  2. However, a food derived from milk, yogurt, is recommended when we have diarrhea or after an episode of diarrhea. Why yogurt yes and milk no? because yogurt contains less lactose than milk, which makes it easier to digest food. It is also a natural probiotic that offers a good supply of bacteria to our body, which will help rebuild the intestinal flora that is lost when we have diarrhea.
  3. When you have diarrhea it is important to stay hydrated, but if you cannot drink milk, what is recommended to take? These fluids will help you replenish yourself:
  • Natural water without gas
  • Isotonic drinks, which thanks to their mineral content help you recover lost salts
  • Liquid serum, in cases of significant dehydration
  • Homemade chicken broths without additives or strong seasonings, as natural as possible


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