While most people start each day with a cup of coffee, the whole world goes on debating whether coffee is good or bad for health. Some say it is a drink that only offers benefits to the body because it acts as an anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, heart protector and even a diuretic. Others say it is a very dangerous substance due to its high caffeine content and the hyperactivity that this substance suggests.

The truth, while the experts agree, is that it is not good to consume any food in excess, because in the long run, as much benefit as it may be, the consequences of abuse are usually negative. Drinking more than eight cups of coffee a day is not good, why? Keep reading this article and find out why drinking a lot of coffee is bad.

Steps to follow:

  1. In effect, caffeine has the power to cause hyperactivity, allowing the person to be more active and awake. However, this effect also has the property of increasing nerves, anxiety and causing tremors in the extremities and tachycardia. For this reason, excessive consumption of coffee is related to high blood pressure. Although there is no study to verify this, many hypertensive patients notice that their condition worsens after four cups of coffee.
  2. Also due to the hyperactivity caused by caffeine, it is bad to drink a lot of coffee because it alters the correct functioning of the nervous system, causing insomnia, irritability and even intense headaches due to the agitation of the nervous functions of the body. (More than 400 mg a day) is associated with the appearance of migraines.
  3. The syndrome of restless legs is a condition presenting those people who feel being at rest fidgeting in his legs that force you to move. Coffee, due to its stimulating effect on the nervous system, has the property of eventually developing this syndrome. Fortunately, restless leg syndrome is not a common disease.
  4. Coffee not only contains caffeine, among its ingredients are substances such as cafestol and kahweol, which have been shown to have the power to increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, especially in women. In fact, cafestol is considered to be the most powerful substance capable of increasing cholesterol. More than six cups a day can cause this negative effect of drinking a lot of coffee.
  5. We already know that not only drugs and alcohol are addictive: sugar, chocolate and coffee too. Yes. It is bad to drink a lot of coffee because it causes addiction, for this reason the more coffee you drink the more you want. There is the caffeine withdrawal syndrome, which occurs when a person stops drinking coffee and, for very little coffee that they have been used to drinking, they begin to present headaches, anguish, sleep, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and fatigue.
  6. Although some consider that one of the benefits of drinking coffee is its diuretic effect, when it is drunk this property is ingested in excess to become a risk. Why is it bad to drink a lot of coffee? Because in the long run, excess kidney stimulation unleashes the risk of dehydration.
  7. When it comes to women, coffee has the property of considerably worsening the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, accentuating the headache, belly pain and muscle pain in those women who are about to receive their monthly period. It is also proven that drinking coffee increases the chances of suffering from osteoporosis, increases the risk of miscarriages and causes slight damage to the fetus when the pregnant woman ingests more than eight cups a day.


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