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Foods rich in potassium

Potassium is an essential mineral for our body, actively working to maintain our muscles in an adequate way, promoting cell development, regulating the amount of water present in cells and intervening in the...

Why it is bad to drink a lot of coffee

While most people start each day with a cup of coffee, the whole world goes on debating whether coffee is good or bad for health. Some say it is a drink that only...

Foods rich in iodine

The absence of iodine in the diet is a health problem, and iodized salt was the first solution to that problem. Iodine is an essential mineral for the body. Its benefits are mainly related...

I can drink milk with diarrhea

When we have diarrhea, whether it is because we have had a bad food or because we are suffering from a stomach infection or any other condition, one of the first things...

Elderberries: properties, benefits and contraindications

Have you ever heard of the properties of elderberries? These fruits come from the elder tree, also scientifically known as Sambucus nigra L., which belongs to the caprofoliaceae family and can be found...

Foods rich in calcium

In this article we will explain which are the foods richest in calcium, curiously, it is not milk as you might think. The recommended daily calcium intake for adults ages 20-50 is 1,000 mg daily. People who...

8 foods you shouldn’t eat before bed

The light dinners are the best option to take care of food, avoid gaining weight quickly and get to enjoy a more pleasant rest. But do you know what foods it is preferable to avoid...

Foods that are high in fat

The moderate consumption of fats is essential to stay healthy. But although it is true that our body requires fat for its proper functioning, an excess in its intake could lead to important pathologies...

What are the difficult foods to digest?

We tend to believe that our stomach is prepared to receive any food, and that our body will be able to process it simply because it is food. But the reality is that our...

Healing properties of huaya fruit

Huaya is a tropical fruit that is also known by other names such as lemongrass, guayum, mamoncillo and maco among others. It originates from the most intertropical areas of America, mainly Mexico, and...

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