When eating in a balanced way, it is essential to include vegetables and fruit in our diet, since they provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Also, most vegetables have a number of advantages for the human body that we must take advantage of. This is what happens with green beans, a kind of legume that can be cooked in an infinite number of ways. In this article, we tell you about the benefits of green beans.

One. In the same way that most vegetables, one of the main benefits of green beans is the fact of having a high content of water, vitamins and minerals; and, at the same time, they suppose a low caloric content.

2. Although it is lower than in other vegetables, the fiber content of green beans is also remarkable and, therefore, it’s purifying value and regulation of intestinal transit.

3. Also, these legumes are beneficial for the elimination of liquids and avoid the retention of these in the body. Therefore, green beans are a good food for people with gout, hypertension, kidney stones, etc.

4. It is also worth noting the contribution of vitamin C and antioxidants that supposes the intake of green beans. In this way, we will be helping to keep our cells young and delay their aging.

5. The green beans are more digestible than other plant and therefore cause less flatulence and do not fall heavy eats whom.

6. We can find this type of beans in any store or supermarket, but the truth is that they will always be tastier if we plant them ourselves.



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