Among the varieties of green tea, there is the so-called matcha tea, which stands out for being presented and purchased in powder form. We already know the magnificent benefits of green tea, but this variety is gaining a lot of popularity around the world because it multiplies the properties of the first and contains many more antioxidants. Taking a cup a day of this infusion allows you to prevent cell aging, eliminate toxins, lose weight and improve the health of the body in general. Read on if you want to know more and discover all the benefits of matcha tea.

  1. One of the main benefits o1f matcha green tea is that it acts as a great natural antioxidant. This is because in its composition there is a very high percentage of flavonoids and catechins, which allows to neutralize and reduce all the negative effects that free radicals can entail in the body; because the latter are the main responsible for aging and cellular oxidation, in addition to some chronic diseases or cancer. In fact, this drink has been proven to contain up to a total of 20 times more antioxidants than many of the fruits rich in these substances, making drinking a cup of matcha green tea a day an incredibly healthy option for the body. .
  2. In addition to the above, a significant amount of vitamin C is added to the catechins it contains, which makes it ideal for strengthening the immune system, increasing the body’s defenses and, ultimately, keeping us protected against viruses that may compromise our health. All these components give this type of tea the property of stabilizing blood sugar levels and keeping cholesterol at optimal levels.
  3. Matcha green tea has been shown to have very effective cleansing properties for the body, and in addition to promoting blood purification, it is a great detoxifier. It contains chlorophyll and niacin and, thanks to this, it is an ideal drink to purify the body and help free it from all those toxins and heavy metals that, in the long term, can negatively affect health. It is for this reason that this popular infusion has become one of the best allies for those who want to combat fluid retention and prevent conditions such as circulation problems or unsightly cellulite.
  4. Being detoxifying and purifying, matcha tea benefits the health of the digestive system enormously. On the one hand, it facilitates and improves the digestion process of the food consumed and, on the other, it helps to dispose of chemicals and prevent the suffering of conditions such as constipation.
  5. Those people who are trying to lose some weight and reduce measures, can find in matcha green tea a good natural supplement to achieve it. It has been proven that it is a drink with thermogenic properties that accelerates metabolism and, consequently, increases fat burning. If we add to this it’s purifying function, we are facing one of the best infusions that can be used to speed up the weight loss process. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a miracle product and that to obtain the expected results, it will be essential to follow a balanced diet low in fat and do a physical activity program adapted to our conditions.
  6. Finally, among the most outstanding benefits of matcha tea we also find that consumed regularly it is perfect to revitalize the body and provide us with a good dose of energy during the day. On the other hand, it helps to improve mood and promotes relaxation of the body without causing drowsiness or lack of vitality.
  7. Before starting to consume matcha tea, it is important to make sure that it is not harmful to your state of health. Its consumption is not recommended, especially in patients with heart disease, kidney disease or stomach ulcers, as well as in pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking any type of medication to control blood pressure, it is also advisable that before ingesting it, consult your doctor.


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