Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our body, loaded with antioxidants that help us prevent the formation of free radicals and prevent premature aging. It is essential for the healing of the skin and the maintenance of blood vessels, it helps to take care of our heart, protect us from certain degenerative diseases and also participates in the metabolism of other nutrients and vitamins, so it is important to incorporate it into our diet adequate. So here we explain what foods rich in vitamin C. are

Steps to follow:

  1. Fruits are from the food groups that contain the most vitamin C. They are a great alternative to snack in a healthy way, full of nutrients and antioxidants. Among the fruits with the best contributions of vitamin C we can find:
  • Red berries such as strawberries, raspberry, and red and black currant
  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, and lemons
  • Kiwis, papaya, mango or guava are also very rich in vitamin C

2. Vegetables and legumes, like fruits, provide a considerable amount of vitamin C, so they are always a great alternative to obtain this nutrient. Among the most outstanding we find:

  • Leafy green vegetables such as spinach , lamb’s lettuce, and broccoli, in addition to cabbage and cauliflower
  • Red and green peppers are one of the foods with the best vitamin C intake, for best effects it is recommended to consume them raw.
  • Legumes such as peas and beans. Other vegetables rich in vitamin C are carrots, parsley, and radishes.

3. Some nuts also offer vitamin C, among them pistachios and walnuts are the most suitable options.

4. Among the products of animal origin with vitamin C we find as a great highlight the liver, in addition to chicken and duck. Milk and yogurt also offer a good contribution of this vitamin.

5. Remember the importance of incorporating foods rich in vitamin C to your daily diet to stay healthy, with high defenses and healthy and beautiful skin.



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