The red clay is very abundant in nature, and a very effective natural remedy for its varied applications for health and beauty. Its composition is very similar to that of green clay, but red clay has a higher content of iron oxides and hydroxides, which give it its peculiar reddish tone. It also contains aluminum silicate and magnesium silicate, both components very useful for the relief of certain muscle discomforts. Here, we tell you what the properties of red clay are.

  1. The red clay is an effective remedy to stimulate blood flow to the promote blood flow, you provide more oxygen to the muscles causing them to recover faster from any kind of chronic muscle injury. It is important that it is used when there is no acute inflammatory process, that is, always in non-congested areas. It provides moderate heat to the area in which it is applied. If you combine it with vegetable and essential oils, its action is even more effective. It is a powerful antiseptic, and also cleanses the deepest layers of the dermis.
  2. Red clay also has astringent properties, it is a powerful remedy to promote and stimulate healing, it is absorbed very easily and helps drain any impurities in the area of ​​application. Due to its high absorption power, red clay allows neutralization of toxins, being a very powerful drainage of impurities for the body.
  3. Red clay also has properties to treat varicose veins, relieves pain in areas with osteoarthritis, or mild inflammation. It is highly recommended to control excess sweating problems. And for example, if you have stiffness after exercising, if you apply it in the area with contractures, you will notice improvement.
  4. The benefits of red clay also extend to the realm of beauty. It is highly recommended for sensitive and delicate skin, since it dries much less than green clay. If you suffer from acne, it will help you control sebum and also favors the healing process of the marks left by acne. It is also very useful to kill blackheads and blackheads.
  5. Red clay also helps to achieve a clean skin and promotes cell regeneration. It is highly recommended as a cleanser and exfoliate for both the body and face. Helps fight stretch marks and cellulite, with the simple application of masks on the areas to be treated. It can also be used as a mask for oily hair, it helps to regulate excess sebum at the hair root. And in general, red clay adds vitality and tones the skin in depth.


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